After School Program


Price for School Year:
5 Days a week $3,870
4 Days a week $3,600
3 Days a week $3,150
There is a $42 registration fee due for each student
We pick up at local schools.  Each day your child will participate in two structured activities, between 4pm-6pm.  Upon arrival we provide one snack, we encourage to send additional snacks if needed.  If your child hasn't been picked up by 6:15pm, parent/babysitter are responsible for paying late fee that same day.
Enrollment Contract: 
If I select to pay monthly, I understand there is a deposit of one month equal to my monthly tuition due upon registration; If I decide to un-enroll my child before completing the end of school year I forfeit my deposit _____
If I select to pay monthly, I understand there is a deposit of one month equal to my monthly tuition due upon registration; Upon completing the end of the school year, I can apply my deposit to the last month of the school year, not applicable to any prior month ______
I understand that there is an additional fee if I need an additional day for pick up and based on availability ______
I understand that USC plan and provide a spot for my child in ASP therefore any missed classes cannot be deducted from tuition _______
I understand that tuition must be paid in full based on my contract regardless of the number of days my child attends, any holiday closings, vacations family or school and any other school closings ________
If my child missed his/her scheduled day I cannot switch to make up missed day ________
If my child is out from school or will not need to be picked up, I understand that I will notify USC by phone 718.549.7529 or Email _____
I understand there is a late fee is $25.00 if payment is received after the 5th of the month _______
I understand that my child will not be able to attend due to non-payment ______
I understand pick up is until @ 6:15pm, there is a late pickup fee of $10 (applied for every 15 minutes) and fee must be paid same day ______
I understand that there is no reimbursement if I pull my child out of the program once I pay my monthly tuition _______
I understand there is a $42 registration fee (non-refundable), there is a 3% fee when paying with credit card/debit card.  I understand there is a $30 fee for returned checks and USC will only accept cash/debit payments if I have a returned check ______
I understand that USC reserves the right to determine whether or not my child will be a good fit at the USC.  If USC determines that your child should not continue in the program for conduct and behavioral reasons USC will dismiss your child and return any monies due for the following weeks to come ________
I confirm my child has a facility participation waiver _____ go to in order to fill one out ______
I give permission to my child to be picked up from school and/or dropped off at home by Uptown Sports Complex transportation vehicle and its authorized staff _______
I understand that the use of the facility involve activities that come with risks and uncertainties that they may not be used to at home or at school.  I realize that no environment is risk-free and I agree to waive any claims for damage, injury, or illness against Uptown Sports Complex or its agents while utilizing any of its facilities ______
I understand that if my child is allergic to any foods, it is my responsibility to educate my child on not eating any other foods from any other students in the program other than what’s given in their lunch box _______
I give permission to my child to eat/drink all snacks provided by the Uptown Sports Complex ASP _____
I give permission to my child to go on outdoor trip to nearby local parks and/or baseball field ______

ASP Registration Form