Party Policies & Layout

Thank you for choosing Uptown Sports Complex for your Child's Fun Filled Sports Party!  Please read over the following: Gym/Cage & Party Room Times:  USC schedules up to 4 parties per day. 
All parties run for 1hr. 45 min. There may be a party in progress upon your arrival, so please be respectful of their space. 
As your party is entering, there may be a party before yours in the party room for their pizza & cake. You and your guests will be directed to wait in a designated area until your party is scheduled to begin in the Gym or Long Cage. 
You may not enter the party room until your party activity has finished.(unless there is no party ahead of yours). 
A hostess will alert you when your party room time becomes available for set- up.

Please familiarize yourself with our party times & schedules: Example Party Layout:
If your party is at 2:15pm – 4:00pm you will have the following schedule:
2:15pm-3:15pm-Gym or Long Cage
2:50pm-3:15pm-Party Room Setup w Hostess
3:15pm-4:00pm-Party Room Party Activity Time

In order for all of our parties to run smoothly, we will begin your party activity at your exact booked time. When possible, we can extend the time in the gym for an extra fee. We suggest that you tell your guests to arrive a half hour early as most tend to arrive late and we are unable to wait for staggering guests to begin your party activity.

Parties ages 6yrs and up
 We only allow 2 Adults in the gym to take photos during the party activity. We ask that parents do not interfere with the ongoing party as this will distract the instructors and children causing them to lose control of the class activity. If this occurs, the party will become an open gym play time and the instructors will be located in different areas of the gym to ensure the safety of the kids. If you have younger children participating in the party that can't follow the activity, we ask that they stay in our toddler area with one adult per child. For baseball and soccer parties, if there are children too young to participate, they may be asked to wait with their parents.
Parties ages 5 years and younger
 If there are young children in your party who are in need of a parents assistance, only 1 parent per child may enter the gym to assist. We ask that the parents do not interfere with the ongoing party or be disruptive by taking their child to play on other equipment while the party is going on. This will distract the instructor and children causing them to lose control of the class activity. If this occurs, the party will become an open gym play time and the instructors will be located in different areas of the gym to ensure the safety of the kids. If you have children too young to participate in an instructed activity, we ask that those children free play in the toddler area with a parents supervision. For baseball and soccer parties, we may ask 2-3 parents to assist in the activity when needed.

Party Room Time
You may not enter the party room until the previous party is finished and the Hostesses are ready to set up the room for your party (which usually allows for 20 minutes of set -up). We can extend time for an additional fee on the day of your party only if there is no other party booked after yours.
If a party is booked directly after yours, please make sure that you and your guests exit the party room at your allotted ending time. We will charge an extra $25 per 15 min that you go over in the party room after your booked time has ended.

We do not allow Pinatas or the opening of presents during cake and pizza time.

Seating, Tables & Outside Food;  We Provide Seating and Tables for the Children ONLY.  There is Standing Room and benches available directly outside of the Party Room for your Adult Guests to sit while the children are being served.  If we have any extra chairs available, we will place them in your party room as space permits. 
A table will be provided for you to put any light snacks/drinks that you may have for your adult guests in which case you will provide all paper goods, ice, serving utensils, etc! for your adult guests. While the activity is in place please remind your guest they are not allowed to use any paper goods as it is setup for the children guest.  For an extra fee, you may order pizza from us for your adult guests up to 2 days before your party. We cannot order extra pizza on the same day of the event.  FOOD IS ALLOWED EXCEPT FOR THE FOLLOWING:   We only allow you to bring in the following light snacks/drinks for your adult guests:  Chips, Dips, Small Cheese, Fruit/ Crudite and Sandwich Platters (NO Super Long Party Subs Please).  Juice, Soda, Water NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ALLOWED.  Absolutely No Hot Food in trays allowed.

Party Guests Maximum Allowance
 Maximum number of children allowed in a gymnastics party is 25. Baseball/Soccer is 12.
 Uptown Sports Complex Parties cater to the fun of the children. We have Staff and accommodations available exclusively for the amount of children in your party. Because we do not have adequate space available for adult guests, we do not suggest to invite more than one parent per child. Parent Drop Off Parties are strongly recommended.
Hostess Services
 Our Host/Hostesses will be setting up and cleaning up your party room. They will direct you and your guests to the appropriate waiting areas and will place any of your table decorations, snacks, drinks etc.,in a holding area until they are ready to prepare your party room. Food, Drink and cake Service is available to the children only. Host/hostesses will cut extra pieces of cake and place on cake table for the adult guests when needed. Please elect one of your adult guests to serve as a host to your adult guests if needed. The host/hostess will assist to guide you with the time in the party room and will begin to clean up as needed.

We do not provide the following:
Bags, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap, Ice, Serving Spoons, Bowls

We do not remove any of our decorations in our pre-decorated party rooms. Because we have limited time available for set up between parties. We do not allow elaborate decorations for party rooms, you may bring in table wear, small favors, and 1 hanging regular sized banner that is able to be hung with scotch tape only. Balloons are available to be inflated for you at an additional charge.

Lost Items:
Uptown Sports Complex is not held responsible for any lost items during the birthday party

Gymnastics Rules:
You understand that any activity involving motion or height contains the risk of accidental injury and that this risk can never be totally eliminated, even under the supervision of properly trained and qualified instructors using modern & safely designed equipment. Uptown Sports Complex, its coaches and other staff members, will not accept responsibility for injuries sustained by any child participating in the Uptown Sports Complex Birthday Party during the course of gymnastics instruction or activities. All kids are physically fit to perform in all activities involved during the Birthday Party, are not currently under medical care, and are not receiving medication for any condition which would limit participation in any way.

I understand that each child participating will need to have an electronic facility waiver online (paper waiver will be given if needed)

Gym Rules:
No parents or friends are allowed inside the gym during the party
There is no standing on chairs or benches, or in the doorway connecting the waiting areas.