Party Waiver Link

All children participating, he/she is physically fit to perform in all activities involved during the Birthday Party, is not currently under medical care, and is not receiving medication for any condition which would limit participation in any way.

Any activity involving motion or height contains the risk of accidental injury and that this risk can never be totally eliminated, even under the supervision of properly trained and qualified instructors using modern & safely designed equipment. Uptown Sports Complex, its coaches and other staff members, will not accept responsibility for injuries sustained by any child participating in the Uptown Sports Complex Birthday Party during the course of gymnastics instruction or activities.

Each child participating will need to have an electronic facility waiver online (paper waiver will be given if needed)

No parents or friends are allowed inside the gym during the party. We only allow 2 Adults in the gym to take photos during the party activity. Children not involved in the party will be kept under control in the waiting area for everyone’s safety (no gymnastics). There is no standing on chairs or benches, or in the doorway connecting the waiting areas.

Uptown Sports Complex will not be held responsible for items which are lost during the party. We do not provide the following: Bags, Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wrap, Ice, Serving Spoons, Bowls