Announcements / Updates / Trials

Batting Cages are open 4pm-8pm Monday thru Friday 
Saturday 10am-7pm
As of October 1st, 2016
On School Days the batting cages Will be CLOSED between 3pm-6pm!!  
The Cages will be open the following times at 11am-3pm & 6pm-9pm Only!  
Following the NYC Public School Calendar Only - 
 Fall Classes are starting soon!
Are you new to the sport of gymnastics?  
Come in and see what everyone flipping over! We will help you find a class that's just right for your child.  

Please email your child's full name/age and the day of the week you are interested to attend to in order to schedule a trial class, then you will need to fill out an electronic facility waiver for your child by clicking on no need to print out.
Please note: Your trial day should be the same day of the week you would like to register for!  A trial is the first day of class your child can participate, it is not separate day from the session.

Fall 2017 Schedule To attend the 1st day of the program

During the first week of Gymnastics during the Fall/Winter 15 week session, your child can attend the first day of class and participate to see if they are interested in attending.  You should attend trial based on the day you would like to register your child;

*Free Trials ONLY The 1st week of the FALL & WINTER 15 week Session
After the 1st week of the FALL & WINTER 15 Sessions TRIALS Cost $37

*No Free Trials the 1st week of SPRING 10 Week Session
Trial Cost $37
(if you decide to register the $37 will go towards the total of the program)

* No Free Trial for Spring and Summer Sessions

TRIAL DATES to attend the 1st day of the class
                 Fall Session      Winter Session     Spring Session
Saturdays        Sept 9th          Jan 6th            April 21st
Sundays          Sept 10th         Jan 7th            April 22nd
Mondays          Sept 11th         Jan 8th            April 23rd
Wednesdays       Sept 13th         Jan 10th           April 25th
Fridays          Sept 15th         Jan 12th           April 27th